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in just a few minutes, and vice president biden, who has played a critical roll in getting the talks moving will attend. senator tom coburn of oklahoma talked to cnbc's larry kudlow earlier tonight and explained why there seems to be a sudden momentum to get something accomplished in the senate. >> let me ask you, sir. do you think tonight there will be a senate vote on some kind of deal? >> well, i think there should be very late tonight or early in the a.m., even if this gets enacted in the next couple day, it's all going to be retroactive to january 1st. but the very point of it is when you have a deal of this nature you need to get it passed before you start having all the interest groups start finding out everything they think is wrong with it and giving people excuses not to support it. >> of course, no plan can go into effect without being passed in the house there is a concern that house republicans might stall that process. here is kansas republican tim huelskamp on cnn earlier tonight. >> near as we can tell it increases taxes on certain americans and it would probably incr
on capitol hill. democrats got out of their meeting with vice president joe biden. the vice president had been is set to the hill to discuss the deal and he spent much of the past 24 hours working out the details with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. here is what we know about the potential deal as of right now. current bush era tax cuts will expire for individuals with an income over $400,000, also for couples with an income over $450,000. unemployment benefits will be extended. the sequester, automatic spending cuts that would hit a wide range of government programs, including department of defense, will be dedelayed for a two-month period and be paid for with a 50/50 split on tax increases and spending cuts. joining us now is kelly o'donnell what have you learned with the vice president's meeting with senate democrats? >> we were able to talk to some within the meeting, they are in a bit of waiting game, in part because of the legislation, being turned into an actual test that will have the lengtext tha language. and the budget office will give it a score what it will cost the g
some questions about senate democrats which is why vice president biden s now and capitol hill we are told by sources to essentially get some of the liberal democrats to sign on to the deal avoiding the fiscal cliff. as you look live at the capitol dome, the light on top of the dome is lit because the congress s in session. but we haven't seen the piece of legislation move forward, the specifics. as you look live, vice president biden walked into the democratic caucus meeting there just beyond where the reporters are standing there by the microphones and said happy new year, happy new year, isn't it great that you all are here tonight. so what about this deal that is shaping up? the house will not be taking it up tonight. they have adjourned for the night and they will reconvene in 2013. actually you noon tomorrow the house will come back. essentially the u.s. will go over the fiscal cliff. but what about this deal that is shaping up and may be a done deal? we now turn to chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live monitoring all of the back and forth up on the hill. hi, m
meeting of 2013 they'll hear from none other than vice president joe biden who will come here to capitol hill to brief them about the deal similar to what he did last night for his senate democratic faithful. he was really influential in helping get a lot of democrats to vote for the bill. it is expected he'll do the same thing today when he talks to his house democratic friends. now, there should be no surprise. nancy pelosi when the white house asked her to get votes she is very good at it. she got votes for the budget control act, for health care. there should be no reason she shouldn't be able to get the votes today. with vice president biden coming to capitol hill it rests the nerves of any anxious democrats who don't like the deal because they don't like the $400,000 threshold and would prefer 250 and also feel the president was losing some negotiating leverage. biden being here, pelosi onboard it should be okay on the house democratic side. >> you are often privy to juicy little nuggets of behind-the-scenes information. do you have any thoughts on how vice president biden became s
joe biden, two has negotiated deals in the past, obviously, with mitch mcconnell, has seemed to move this forward. they're going to continue negotiating, even though there won't be any votes tonight. so let me ask you, what is your sense of what's going to happen here? are we going to avoid going over the fiscal cliff? >> i don't know. i think it's 50-50 as we go into the final hours here now. the fact that negotiations are ongoing is a good sign. i served on what was known as the biden group in the summer of 2011. unfortunately, at the end of the day, as you remember, the republicans walked out of those negotiations. why? for the same time they've abandoned all the negotiations so far, is they didn't want to ask high income individuals to share greater responsibility for reducing the deficit. they wanted to put that burden on the middle class. maybe in the final hours, something will change there. but it's important to understand that's exactly what's happening there. they're using the clock and the final hours and the threat of a slowing economy and higher taxes on middle income fo
. vice president joe biden came to meet with the democrats and try to sell the new deal that would prevent the across-the-board tax increases and spending cuts to a wide range of government programs. we've also learned that president obama personally called harry reid and nancy pelosi to ensure that they are on board with this plan. our chuck todd says it is not likely that we would see a deal on that vote before midnight, just on the logistical standpoint the house remains adjourned until tomorrow. mike, what is the latest you're hearing about a possible vote tonight, maybe not before midnight at this point, but sometime during the night? >> yeah, i don't think it will happen before midnight, just too many procedural hoops to jump through, and they haven't even completed writing the bill. vice president joe biden arrived, met with harry reid briefly, and walked into the second floor and into the caucus room where democrats had gathered. joe biden's mention to pitch this deal, to the caucus, one mention, if they're going to bring it up tonight. we talked about the senate and how sl
, has said he has reached out to joe biden, the vice president, and not incidentally the president of the senate in that capacity. he has had a couple of conversations with him according to republican senators, one, just within the last hour, at least one, when mitch mcconnell left a closed door luncheon of republican senators to speak with joe biden by phone. we understand that joe biden, our crack white house team, put eyes on him going into the white house about 1:45 this afternoon. he was in delaware yesterday. seems unlikely at this point that biden would make the trip up to capitol hill for any face-to-face negotiations. democrats say this is simply a ruse, mitch mcconnell trying to go around harry reid, the democratic leader here and appealing to joe biden, trying to make it look in democratic estimation as if republicans are going the last mile, but, look, we're stuck. we're nowhere at this point. there was a major setback earlier. you mentioned it, the so-called chained cpi. a lot of people tweeted me and said what the heck is that? simply a revised way of adjusting cost o
cliff deal that is in the works right now. we're also told that the vice president, joe biden, is heading to capitol hill. ali, this could be a dramatic moment that we're watching right now. >> we were told joe biden would only go over when it looked like there was a deal. not only to shore up support for the deal in general with the republicans with whom he has a good relationship, but with democrats, we have heard all day today there have been some democrats dissatisfied by how far they have had to go to get that deal. if you want to read tea leaves, it looks better than it looked a couple hours ago. >> it looks like biden is going to be at this meeting with the democratic caucus. the democratic senators, that's supposed to start in 15 minute. he'll brief them on what's going on. he has some problems, though, with some of the more liberal democrats who apparently aren't very happy with all of the details. let's go up to the white house. jessica yellin, our chief white house correspondent, is standing by. jessica, brief us on what we know right now. >> what we know is that vi
leader and vice president joe biden. they have been talking nonstop about trying to come to some conclusion. a little bit of a scaled back version of the original grand bargain to deal with the expiring bush era tax cuts and also to deal with the impending sequester, the across-the-board cuts that would hit the pentagon and also domestic spend ising. they have according to the white house and senate republicans reached a deal but vice president biden is up on the senate side right now behind closed doors trying to convince some skeptical senate democrats to sign on to this before this piece of legislation hits the senate floor. we begin with our restart and to tell us exactly where we are at this hour, and this hour by the way is just two hours ahead of 2013. there you see the specifics of the deal. the framework. tax hikes on family income above $400,000 for an individual. $450,000 for a family. the top tax rate going to 39.6% from 35. 39.6% is the clinton range. the tax rate back in president clinton's term in office. prevents the expansion of the alternative minimum tax. the a
. right now on the hill, outside the senate, they are waiting for word from vice president joe biden who is briefing the caucus on the deal that he reached with senate leaders and with the republican majority leader. they said a few moments ago that there will be a vote sometime before midnight tonight, no guarantee it will pass. whatever happens we are going over that cliff. >> happy new year. >> reporter: vice president joe biden met with democrats after 9:18 p.m. monday night to brief them on a agreement that would raise tax rates on individuals making more than $400,000 and couples making more than $450. the deal allows tax cults to expire -- cuts to expire. >> extend unemployment insurance to 2 million americans who are actively looking for a job. >> reporter: state tax rates to 40 from 35%. the deal delays sequestration, the big spending cuts by 2 months. the delay paid for half in those new taxes, half in smaller spending cuts, between defense and non-defense. at this very moment we are waiting to see what happens. the agreement we are talking about is among senate leaders only. n
that hold up the tax hike that will take place in ten hours. >> i want to give a kudos to senator biden. good for him and good for mcconnell. good evening. this is the kudlow report. now there still may be a vote in the senate tonight. the breaking news story devel developing on a minute by minute basis. let's bring in john who has been doing a brilliant job. good evening. >> reporter: we are still waiting for the wrap up of a deal between vice president biden and senate republican leader mcconnell. i got a message from a source in the senate who said we are getting there on wrapping up democratic obsessions to the deal. one is over the issue of the cross the board budget cuts. democrats want to put those off at least a year. not kick the can for a couple of months down the road. another was on the estate tax. it would go up to 40%. some see that as a victory. but others say that is not a good deal especially when you say that republicans have it. let's run over the provisions that have been agreed to. taxes would go up to 39.6%. the clinton era rates on income on $450,000 for couples.
on capitol hill said biden did this, biden did this. a lot of republicans said we wish biden got involved earlier. another guy who worked a lot on this, mitch mcconnell. >> mitch mcconnell chose to be a quiet statesman. you didn't see him on camera. he didn't meet face to face with joe biden. but he's the reason we have this agreement. >> do you agree with that? >> here what's i'll say about mitch mcconnell. he's a very smart politician that understands that you sometimes need to lose the battle to win the war, at least in their perspective. they knew if the country had gone over the cliff and taxes had gone up on everyone, they would have gotten the blame. from his perspective, that was a bad political bet. so they're now focused on the big fights coming, the debt crisis, the continuing resolution. the problem with that is they think they have leverage and i'm not sure they do because, again, the consequences of making that again such a political battle -- >> jim, talk to that. why do you guys have leverage? a lot of republicans on capitol hill say, look, we should too much blood on this
in for andrea today. deal or no deal? as vice president joe biden and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell continue negotiations, we just have learned that president obama will speak about the fiscal cliff at 1:30 p.m. eastern time. with all that happening, let's get right to our daily fix. nbc's kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, nbc's kristen welker at the white house, and jonathan capehart, washington post editorial writer and my colleague and an msnbc contributor. okay, kelly. the action is on the hill where it's been for the last few days. let's start with you. this is a fast-moving story. give us the latest perimeters of what appears -- i emphasize appears to be the start of a deal. >> well, it has been coming closer together, so we are told. the question is what will the president be saying, and senior advisors here as well as senators i've spoken to say they do not expect that he is making any nounment of a deal, so we'll wait for the white house to determine that for sure. what we've been hearing is that they have moved off the issue of taxes and have been more focused on the
more time at what is being discussed now. mitch mcconnell and joe biden talked into the wee hours until 12:30 last night and 6:30 this morning. $450,000 as the threshold for couples, $400,000 for individuals over which your taxes would go up about four percentage points. estate tax compromise. this is something democrats want as well because the estate tax is due to zoom up to 55% on estates more than $1 million if they're passed and nobody wants to see that happen. they are trying to work on a compromise. unemployment, insurance benefits. obviously something urgent for millions of people collecting and the long-term unemployed who have been unemployed for quite sometime. delaying that sequester. this is what i'm talking about. they're talking about delaying it perhaps three months. this is the ultimate kicking the can down the road. remember the sequester is what got us to this point to begin with. it was supposed to be trigger, the guiotine hanging over the necks of the members of congress to git them to do something by tonight. we only have about 13 more hours. one more thing to show
, the best move of the year. >> i think the best move of the year is joe biden, essentially never do which is answering the question honestly and without premeditation and in his "meet the press" interview with david gregory. was this a trial balloon, was this preplanned, trying to gain it up? no, no, no. joe biden was asked a question, he answered with a kind of moral legitimacy and a truthfulness that actually had these remarkable effects which is that it pushed the president to come clean about his own personal evolution. i think that also made a huge difference in the campaign. >> joe biden. >> my best move of the campaign we actually have a little visual assist on this. "washington post" says, obama and his allies spent less on advertising than romney and his allies but got far more in the number of ads broadcast and visit in key markets and in targeting critical demographic groups such as the working class and young working voters in swing states. i thought what they did with tv advertising, specificity of t it knowing exactly what they were going is something we had never seen befor
felt joe biden was doing the same thing. he was clarifying this is pure ridiculousness. we had to cut this down a little bit. let's watch vp biden during the vp debate. >> transition. but what we also want to do in spite of their opposition. >> oh, god. >> this idea came from the clinton -- >> the answer, please. >> did they -- this is a plan that is bipartisan. >> no massive -- >> it's what we do. we do it for all constituents. >> i love that. >> it's how we all were responding to the whole thing. what? >> joe biden. i was happy there weren't commercials on that. if he had time to stop and go over to paul ryan and pee on his leg to show dominance. let's have the moment to acknowledge the magic amount biden had to get away with that. for the most part, he got away with that. imagine if the president was constantly laughing at his opponent, that would not have gone well. not well at all. >> not only white privilege. think about if joe biden behaved that way toward sarah palin, not only would he have been attacked. it's like he suddenly realized, that's totally what he wanted to do duri
democrats. biden had been negotiating with the top republican in the senate, and they've come together on a deal that keeps most people's taxes right where they have been, but it does set higher taxes for couples who will earn more than $450,000 a year. it will also put off for two months the across-the-board spending cuts that would have affected the military and most federal agencies. now, that will have an impact. it means that there will be future negotiations and likely future fights about how to deal with paying for a way to bring down the deficit by other kinds of cuts. that's been at the heart of this fight. now, today the house of representatives comes in, they cast a vote, and because the senate vote is so overwhelmingly bipartisan, 89-8, it's hoped that that will have influence in the house to at least get this deal done now with a chance to talk about some of these issues some more in the new congress and in the months ahead. chris? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. well, all eyes do now turn to the republican-controlled house and speaker john boehner. about two hours before t
connell and vice president joe biden. we're some of the last people in the building. i know -- come on through, guys, if you want. there's one of the crews that -- the worker crews are starting to come into work tonight. we're the last reporting crew. all the members of congress have pretty much gone. the republicans in the house were meeting late tonight to try to talk about what to do, in the end this is what our producer deirdre walsh heard from them. the message is just sit tight, stay tuned and i think what we have to do, don, is find out tomorrow morning, whether there is any progress between senator mcconnell and vice president joe biden. there is definitely hope. there is not a lot of time. >> let me tell you this, lisa. when you see the workers there, and the crew that -- and those are the people who these negotiations are about. every day americans who work these types of jobs, who are every day americans and so there you go. i think that is absolutely tells the story. >> don, i want to -- >> go ahead. >> i want to sneak in one thing we found that hasn't been reported tonight. also o
biden and mitch mcconnell. earlier republicans suggested changing the way inflation is calculated on changes like social security read offered this reaction late in the day. >> i was really grass fied to hear republicans taking command by social security set off the table. this should never have been on the table to begin with. there is still significant difference between the two sides negotiations continue. still time left to reach an agreement. >> meanwhile west virginia democrat joe mansion introduced the calm act trying to soften the blow as the country goes off the fiscal cliff. it would maphase in tax hikes or the years and prioritize spending cuts. he says he's frustrated and tried to do something. >> it was crossing the wires it's more than frustration it sounds like desperation at this point as they are losing hope. the chained cpi the social security adjustment you were talking about basically changes the way they configure the cost of living and would make those benefits smaller checks. does it sound like republicans are willing to let that go? >> seems like they are w
you falloff it twice? i have to say, i think the dems did okay and the biggest winner, joe biden knows how to get it done. >> i have something to tell you. >> i'm skeptical, but not yet. a congressman is about to tell me what's wrong with congress. >> chris christie blasting on the sandy relief bill. i will tell you how that could happen. >>>. >> from the cliff to the debt ceiling. at least we have o will have stuff to get us through months ahead. a few house keeping notes to start with. the fiscal whatever you want to call it is done, we can retire the wheel of misfortune for good and keep this. >> stop the insanity! >> we didn't use that enough last year, but we will in 13. here's where we stand. the house approved the plan to get us through this month, but it is something we will remember maybe forever. the mismoves and the finger-pointing are everywhere and we begin with luke russert who was there for it all. i feel like i have been watching the same thing happen for two years since john boehner became the speaker. one deadline after another and has very little wiggle room. it make
to the vice president asking him to get involved in this in part because joe biden was in the senate for so long and has been able to help bring the two sides together in previous cases where they were down to the wire. we know that call has gone out. harry reid says he has reached out to the president on the phone a couple of times. republicans say there is no single issue that should break this. there is something that democrats are talking about. what we have learned is in an offer presented by republicans last night at 7:00 included within that was a request to make a change to how future increases to the payments of social security would change. not taking any money away presently but over the years to come reducing the amount of increase. that is called chain cpi. for democrats it is a nonstarter. here is majority leader harry reid. >> we're not going to have any social security cuts. at this stage that doesn't seem appropriate. i still hold out hope that we can get something done but i'm not overly optimistic but i am cautiously optimistic. >> so you hear some sense that there might
. the need enough votes to approve it. here is "the new york times at" on what they are calling the mcconnell-biden plan -- possibly more to come if the house approves in what the senate did earlier this morning. christine from illinois, the republican line. caller: hello, i am disappointed republican. i'm thinking about switching to the democratic party. i just want to say that mcconnell is really disrespectful to his boss. any buss that have a job, having worked in a factory, will make problems for the boss and not agree and compromise. everybody would talk to them and end up getting fired. they do all the propaganda on the fox network. it is embarrassing. i just wanted to say that i did see one man -- i forgot his name, a congressman, james inhofe, he had the gall to go on a foxx and talk to bush people like they are still in charge and get their opinions. it is not a good place. the shows they have until 5:00, they are yanks. i need to be a democrat. host: 10 road in north carolina, the democratic color. what do you make of the early morning vote? caller: yes, i am glad to something being done
democratic caucus. there have been some rumors that joe biden could come up here on new year's day to sell the plan, very much like he did to the senate ds earlier this morning. you'll also see john boehner meeting with his conference at 1:00 p.m. i've been told by folks close to boehner that these -- it is by no means a done deal. he is keeping the door open to possibly amending the senate bill. now you think with the 9 votes they wouldn't want to do that, they'd want to put this to bed. but the house republicans have been known to scuttle these types of deals in the 11th hour before. there is some optimism on the senate side but over to the house side, if all goes to plan and they approve it all maybe we see a vote in the early evening but it could very much go into tomorrow if amended. >> you mentioned vice president biden coming back to step in again. it certainly seemed like he swoopd in at the 11th hour and helped bring this together. apparently he was very critical to these discussions. >> he's the closer. if you saw what he did yesterday, he was able to come back, talk to his senat
minority leader mitch mcconnell and vice president joe biden. here are some of the highlights. the proposed deal is set to raise over $600 billion in revenue through new tax increases on the wealthiest americans. the bush era tax rates would be extended for all single americans with income below $400,000. and couples with income below $450,000. all income above those levels would be taxed at a clinton era top tax rate of 39.6%. and capital gains taxes above those amounts would also be increased to 20% up from 15%. the deal is also said to include a permanent fix for the alternative minimum tax and extends unemployment insurance for another year for two million americans. joining me now from capitol hill is nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. good evening to you. >> good evening, milissa. >> with the house adjourned for night, what can we expect in terms of real progress tonight if anything at all? >> well, it's an unusual sight for a new year's eve, but there is a lot of activity here. you've got all of the senators who are still meeting and in their offices. there are nego
-start the negotiations and perhaps deliver an 11th-hour compromise. that's vice president joe biden. mcconnell and biden reportedly spoke several times by phone throughout the night after talks with harry reid came to a halt. welcome back, everyone, to "morning joe." that's the latest. ed rendell and jeffrey sachs all with us along with sam stein and michael steele in washington. joining us also in washington, senior national correspondent for "bloomberg businessweek," joshua green. and joshua, before we go on to what led to this doomsday scenario that we're facing right now, which was all set up by lawmakers in washington, talk to me about what businesses are looking for and wall street is looking for. there will be reaction. there's always this discussion about the need for certainty. at best, we're going to get some sort of small deal that puts everything off, which makes this whole deadline make no sense. are businesses going to respond well to that? >> if we get a deal, yes. i mean, wall street all along has been looking to avert the fiscal cliff. and frankly, i don't think ceos and businesses care
around 2:00 in the morning. but it was a long night but when we saw vice president joe biden make his way to capitol hill, that's when many of the observers knew that the negotiators had really struck a deal and we were moving forward here. of course vice president joe biden as well as senate republican leader mitch mcconnell were key in negotiating this deal. they are being referred to as the closeers here. so this all happened last night. joe biden met with fellow democrats and briefed them on where they were as far as the compromise. legislation was then drawn up and the senate met arounded 2 -- did around the 2:00 hour and cast the votes and that's where we are today. now, we are not out of the woods yet because the house still need to vote on this measure. and they will not return to capitol hill until noon so we don't know how the story ends just quite as yet charley. >> renee as we understand yesterday presidentth president addressed the nation at 1:30 and this was on new year's eve he was surrounded by a few supporters. he came out for about 15 minutes and made some remarks. this
president join. -- joe biden. even if he runs in 2016 for the presidency. >> named the head of the whole gun thing. >> i'm telling you -- this position. >> we'll have to wait. >> his political style is seen unfortunately for him as too aseckic for broad appeal. maybe you should talk to his wife about running for president. his wife is terrific. >> he may or may not run for president, john. but a lot of people love joe biden. he's an authentic voice and democrats in particular love him. maybe you got a problem -- >> we're talking about his wife as a candidate. >> jill? >> why not? >> because she's shown no political ambition. she teaches at a community college and she has a fine career. >> okay. best political theater of 2012. pat? >> i hate to say it but i think the democratic convention in charlotte. it was a real bell winger of a convention, very entertaining. >> eleanor? >> i second that and i loved clint eastwood interviewing the empty chair. that was classic. >> you really thought he had it all together. >> eleanor now? out of the chair. >> it was -- it was improvisation that you know,
. on the democratic side, vice president biden, secretary of state, hillary clinton, bennett, jerry brown, elizabeth warren, and angus king who is an independent but will caucus with the democratics on the republican side. marco rubio, mike pence, jeb bush, and soon to be former senator from south carolina jim demint. joining me now, our end of the year gaggle, crystal lizza, perry bacon, stephanie cutter was the deputy campaign manager for obama's campaign, and madden was a senior adviser for romney's campaign. hello. happy new year, although we asked all of you to pick, i threw out my dozen and i asked you to pick two you were going to feedback. we're not going to do the 2016 conversation now, but we'll do it in a few minutes. who are the few who jumped out at you? >> i'm a little nierdy, so i picked michael bennet, the colorado senator, because he's the head of the committee which means he's tasked with trying to again keep a democratic senate majority, going to be difficult. you have 20 democratic seats up, only 10 republican seats up. >> and he wants to be senate majority leader some day. >> th
. minority leader mitch mcconnell called vice president biden in an effort to jump-start negotiations and there are reports of significant movement, giving some hope that some house republicans will go along with the deal. >> i do believe there are at least two dozen who would vote for the kind of agreement we're hearing about being put together in the senate. >> the vice president and i have worked together on solutions before and i believe we can again. >> there are some indications on how they're getting a little closer to an agreement. when it comes to income tax hikes "the washington post" reports that democrats counter offer sets the threshold at $450,000 a year for taxes to go up. republicans are looking for $550,000. democrats are no longer insisting on raising the estate tax on the very wealthy. they will now agree apparently to an up or down vote. that was key for republicans. still, both sides remain far apart on extending unemployment benefits and on the sequester. of course that is when the steep automatic spending cuts would slash budgets at the pentagon and other govern
, not a single piece of legislation has passed congress on this. at this hour, vice president biden is set to meet with senate democrats. you are looking live just outside of capitol hill there. we are waiting for his arrival. he will be meeting with senate democrats in hopes of ironing out a mini deal. is he actually trying to sell it to several key democratic senators who are skeptical to say the least. a big union leaders is weighing in as well. is he not happy with what he has heard of the deal so far. we're positioned just outside again for the vice president's arrival. then, inside, just outside the senate chamber, well it, there are the republicans, several senate republicans have already announced opposition. but, if whatever comes out, legislation wise makes it through the senate tonight somehow, how the house speaker and his g.o.p. caucus potentially deal with this tomorrow, january 1st, 2013 is the real question. since we haven't mentioned this yet, but there are no new spending cuts in this potential deal. we are technically going over othe cliff. but can washington calm econom
president joe biden to help reach an agreement. two men who have served as their party's closers, so to speak, on tough deals before. senate majority leader harry reid says he plans to have a plan up for a vote tomorrow morning. although there are serious differences on both sides. >> we're not going to have any social security cuts at this stage, it just doesn't seem appropriate. i still hold out hope we can get something done but i'm not overly optimistic but i am cautiously optimistic. >> republicans pushed back on claims by democrats that the social security benefit measurement, which is known as the chained cpi and basically would reduce the amount of money that senior citizens get under social security, was part of the republican plan. in any case, that is off the table. senator john mccain posted this on twitter, most of us agree the chained cpi is off the table in these negotiations. president obama continued to put public pressure on republicans during his appearance on "meet the press" today. >> it is very important for republicans in congress to be willing to say, we under
in on the top flight dealmaking. lead negotiations have now fallen to vice president joe biden and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell who said an agreement is very close and said congress should act on the tax portion of the deal. >> let's pass the tax relief portion now. let's take what's been agreed to and get moving. we can do this. we must do this. >> famous last words. i want to go to the capital now. joining us, the dynamic duo, the silver fox and mr. boatshoe. nbc's mike viqueira and luke russert. gentlemen, thanks for being here. our cnbc colleague john harwood is reporting that there will be no vote in the house tonight, and according to his sources, the u.s. will go over the fiscal cliff. what's your reaction to that? have you heard that -- >> we can confirm that. >> i love john harwood, but luke and i have been reporting the same thing, jonathan, so there. >> okay. so we're going over the cliff? >> apparently. that's the bad news. the good news is, the parameters of a deal are definitely there. as you described, jonathan, the sticking point remains this so-called trigger, t
connell and vice president joe biden. it contains no major cuts partly because the speaker himself pulled out of talks with the president last month over a grand bargain that would have cut nearly a trillion dollars in spenting. we asked louisiana republican john fleming about that. this bill makes a lot of tax cuts that republicans like permanent. why not claim victory and then work on spending cuts in the next two months? >> well, that was discussed. and you're right. it makes some things permanent. particularly in the estate tax area. it's permanent fix to the a.m.t.. so there are some actual things we do like about it. but as a whole we don't like other parts of it that we think are going to be devastating to the economy and jobs. >> reporter: congressman steny hoyer and other democratic leaders urged republicans to hold a vote on the bill as is. tonight. >> the definition of compromise has elements in it that each party does not like. >> reporter: and senate democrats are threatening not to take up the bill again if house republicans change it. so, anthony, we are looking at yet another
monday evening vice president joe biden and senator harry read headed to the capitol to brief democrats on a deal worked out between congressional to prevent across the board sources say the deal calls for a tax hike for couples earning more than 450- thousand dollars a year. what the president wanted and what republicans wanted. the deal also calls for the extension of unemployment benefits >>> and sources say the deal also delays by two months the automatic across the board spending cuts. that two month delay will end up being payed for half with tax revenue and half wiwith spending cuts. for some this is a way to get this legislation through. for others it's a matter of kicking the can down the road. and delaying another day. now the senate is expected to vote, if they can get the bill drafted in time. if it passes it goes to the they are due to meet tomorrow at noon eastern unclear if house leaders optimism tonight, we could votes this down tomorrow. >> doctors are treating secretary of state hillary clinton for a blood clot doctors are confident she will make a full recovery. they
the stance, how much he was working with democrats? you know vice president biden running a point there for a long time. >> good to mention that vice president biden because there is some indication that's he might be joining the president for this statement tonight. we'll see if he does. but he was pivotal in this in working with the senator but the president's aides say that he was working phones in the last day or so. in firming up the final details of this, working directly with those democratic leaders. both nancy pelosi and hairy reid working through details of the sequester, then, of course, vice president biden running point and going up to the hill two days in a row now, last night, as you know a little bit of a rescue mission to make sure some of the senators on the left were not going jump ship. most stayed with the president, then, you saw in the house vice president biden went up there to lobby them that, was a successful effort because in the end it was house democrat who's carried this across the goal line. it was not house republicans. >> okay, wetd, we'll let you
. yesterday, republican senate leader mitch mcconnell made an emergency call to the vice president joe biden in an evident to jump-start negotiations. heather: if no deal is haed out today, majority leader reid says he will call a vote on a separate white house plan that reflects's original proposal. gregg: chief correspondent mike emanuel kicks off the coverage. mike, where do the things stand in the fiscal cliff talks at this critical late-stage? >> reporter: gregg, there seems to be some hope that conversations between vice president joe biden and senator mitch mcconnell can produce a deal. aides say the two men spoke multiple times last night and will continue working toward a solution. mcconnell called the vice. president bush: after weighing 18 hours from senate majority leader harry reid who seemed to throw in the towel. >> there is still significant difference between two sides and negotiations continue. there is still time left to reach an agreement and we intend to continue negotiations. >> reporter: a big issue is what thresh do you continue the bush tax cuts. the democrats latest
the gauntlet has been thrown down. >> talk to me about the role that joe biden played here. he appeared to be brought in late in the game. i'm curious why for the first 517 games he wasn't brought in if he was so effective getting a deal done with mcconnell. >> usually these measures have to start in the house of representatives because they're tax-and-spending measures. you'd have to work with speaker boehner. the president was trying to work out this grand bargain with speaker boehner. but when they couldn't get it done and it collapsed, it pitched over to the senate. when it became clear it had to be a senate deal, mitch mcconnell has this historic relationship with the vice president because they worked in the senate for so many years together. they just know each other. it's not like they're great friends and they don't go around and vacation together but they know how to get deals done together. so when he needed what they call a dance partner, knew what they needed to horse trade and make it happen, that's who he turned to. he's just become an exceptional resource in the white ho
. >> andrea. >> we've heard a lot of names in these behind closed doors talks, we've heard biden, we've heard reid, the name we haven't heard is vice-president joe biden. what's the significance of them bringing him in in the 11th hour discussion? >> i think it's important because he was in delaware this weekend and all of a sudden, suddenly, rushed back to the white house early today and that's significant because when they had things all boxed up a year and a half ago on the debt ceiling and looked like they'd hit a brick wall, it was joe biden reaching out to mitch mcconnell and bridged the divide and magically had a deal and some senior aides who say joe biden might be the key to unsticking this, afternoon biden and mcconnell worked on the debt ceiling, many years in the senate, obviously, together and that's why they have that relationship, there's some in the white house who call the vice-president the mcconnell whisperer, as if he has some sort of magic potion that bring people together. >> stuart? >> can i just ask you, ed, if there's any deal you've heard of that's bandied around her
to get delivered to him? where's he in all of this? >> reporter: vice president biden is very much the president's proxy in all of this. it's easy to understand why. both the president and vice president served in the senate, but biden served in the senate for decades with all of the players that he now has to engage with. he knows the personalities. he knows the rhythms of the senate and of congress better than president obama, you could argue. it makes sense that he's serving as the president's proxy. this is something the president is engaged with. this is something the white house is very engaged with. he said yesterday he's optimistic that a deal can be struck. i think that's not surprising. that's what you'd expect to come from president obama. but we're also -- we sort of said tonight is the deadline and that's true because a lot of the tax cuts expire at midnight. the sense we're getting from a lot of sources and from members of congress is that perhaps tonight isn't a hard and fast deadline. mitch mcconnell and the vice president are negotiating in earnest to find a deal.
and whose reputation was left shattered? everyone seems to agree vice president joe biden and mitch mcconnell get high marks for being the calvary who came to the rescue, for others, the result was more mixed. the final result a victory for the american people. a win, really? do you feel like a winner? can we all agree that one definite loser was congress? for the definitive take, let's turn to our panel. once again, all the way to my right, chairman steele. your picks for the winners, joe biden, an obvious choice, president obama, got a bargain, and the debt ceiling. your losers, gop leadership, but then you repeat president obama and the debt ceiling. >> i think obama basically won by luring the gop down the rabbit hole and biden won because he told mitch mcconnell, i hope you get out of the rabbit hole and close up the hole. i think the debt ceiling discussion is going to be about spending, as it should be, and the problem is that becomes a real mess. so that makes us a loser, and i think obama loses because i think he missed, again, an opportunity to put a real framework on the tab
. got a problem? don't worry. just let joe biden go in there and straighten some people out. plus it wasn't be the 112th congress if they weren't messing something up. boehner's boyed failed to act on the bill to help victims of hurricane sandy. >> for me it was disappointing and disgusting to watch. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or o
had gone to speak with vice president biden. what can you tell us? guest: the republican leader calls joe biden off the bench. it is what we had been waiting for. the senate republican leader and the vice-president have a good working relationship. we saw that in the debt ceiling debate. they swooped in at the and down the made the deal happen. -- at the end and made it happen. it was an interesting move by mitch mcconnell to call joe biden today and try to jump- start these negotiations when they locked up with the majority leader on the democratic side. i think that will be something to watch here in the coming hours. how will it play? there are many concern that maybe you will cut a bad deal. will joe biden come in to embolden the republicans or will the democrats altogether across pennsylvania avenue? a big story line we are all watching now very closely. >> we hear senator reed wants to bring them back at 11. is it likely they will have some kind of deal or counteroffer in hand when the gavel back in? guest: i wish i could tell you. if i could, i would be a millionaire. i would h
biden returned to capitol hill again to encourage democrats to endorse the bill. they pushed for an up or down vote on the existing package noting it's already after the fiscal cliff deadline. >> taxes will be going up on everybody in america if we don't act. those who are relying on unemployment insurance, millions of americans relying on unemployment insurance to make sure they can support themselves and their families. if we don't act, we'll be at risk. >> it was a bill that was passed in the united states senate 89-8. tell me when you've had this on a measure as controversial as this. >> some house republicans pushed for quick passage arguing it's too late for amendment. >> it's too late in the game. there's a point in the deal where it's done, and if you keep trying to tinker with it to make it perfect, then the deal falls apart. >> reporter: though it was pretty clear early in the day, members of the gop leadership team were not about to be rushed. >> the senate's had months, the democratic-controlled senate has had months to look at that and now they're expecting us to vote on s
senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and vice president joe biden. a story coming out online a little later this morning that will take readers behind all these scenes. let me give you one example. the senate republican leader felt like harry reid's democratic counterpart wasn't negotiating in good faith, trying torepublicans to the edge of the cliff. he called vice president joe biden as an end around. mitch mcconnell walked to the senate cloak room sat down and said socially, look, joe, a lot of these guy s are very smart people, but i don't see the trip wires. i'll call you back with an offer, that's how this start ed 30 hours later, a deal was done. >> sitting in the phone booth in the cloak room. that's amazing. >> for all of the talk on the vice president and senate side, so much drama overnight on the house side. speaker boehner voting for the bill. and eric cantor voting against the bill. the house whip voting against the bill and paul ryan voting for the bill. this is a real split. >> it is. it shows the schism and a real good demonstration of why it was so difficult for spea
to him on saturday and said can i speak to the vice president, joe biden? we're used to cutting deals together. like it or not, these are the two that hammered it out. they put it together. when it was all said and done, this is what joe biden had to say about how this deal actually came to fruition. >> what was said there was kind of hard to hear. what was your selling point? biden said: me. it's interesting, the senators, the democrats all got together late yesterday, and joe biden went in, and his pitch to the liberals, particularly liberal liberals was -- quote -- "this is joe biden, and i'm your buddy." he was saying this is the best deal you're going to get. you guys got to go for it, and a majority of the democrats did. >> the little smirks and all that, but the fact is he went in there superseding harry reid who wasn't getting anything done. at least something happened. people wanted to see some sort of action. they wanted to know their congressmen who went home for the break would actually do something. >> here's mitch mcconnell on how this thing went together. he doesn't li
winners. >> and also considered a big winner was joe biden. >> he's someone who really see mtsed his position as serving as the president's proxy when it comes to dealing with congress. things had really stalled. he came in and between him and mitch mcconnell, things moved along. and for a lot of criticism that joe biden gets, i think in this case he showed his worth as the vice president. >> all right. brianna kealar, thank you. >>> no matter how you faired in the fiscal cliff deal, your taxes are still going up. and let me explain. let's be very clear here. tax rates for almost everyone, 98% of the country, are not going to rise. but the payroll tax holiday will go away. so the rate you pay for payroll taxes is going up from 4.2% back up to 6.2%. and here is how it will affect your take home pay. if you're earning $30,000 a year, you'll lose about $50 more a month in taxes. if you make more than $113,000, you'll lose an additional $189 a month in taxes. this is real money, so you have to prepare. you'll be able to spend a little less money from your paycheck on your bills, on your
lawmakers fail to reach a deal over the weekend. could a last-minute push from vice president joe biden get something done before your taxes go up? >>> and oh, baby. kanye wecakanye west surprises y announcing his girlfriend, kim kardashian, is pregnant with their first child. how her family is reacting to the news "today," monday, december 31st, 2012. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a very busy monday morning. i'm willie geist. >> and i'm erica hill. matt and savannah have the morning off. >>> we'll have the latest on secretary of state clinton's condition in a live report straight ahead. it is the last day of 2012. >> you and i are both in the same situation with young children. >>> people filing into times square in new york city. it is the world's biggest party. of course, security will be extremely tight. we'll check in on celebrations there and around the world. >> then we'll catch up with three women that had us talking in 2012, including a mom that sparked debate over
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